In my life without you I’d wake up every morning  without listening you groaning when your alarm clock is ringing, I’d leave home without kissing you goodbye and no one would send me that message ‘I’m safe in the office, how was our son doing?’.  In my life without you, I’d know nothing about Red Skins and Fresno’s teams, there would be no Eureka and no redwoods trees in my thoughts. My memories wouldn’t come to that street where I saw you first time, and that dinner, when I finally could breathe you, would not even exist. In my life without you,  Almoraima wouldn’t mean to me more than a guitarist’s song, and the guitarist wouldn’t raise my emotions when we listening to him playing on those trips that wouldn’t exist, in my life without you. The third of September would be just another day, Aaron just the second name of Elvis, and the CH just a place more, so my life without you would be.

And then your alarm clock rang and I heard your groan, the nightmare disappeared, life is real and yes, you are here. Rush, work, talk, laugh, love, sleep, begin… in our simple routine, that is precious to me, in my life just WITH YOU.

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